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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) November & December 1929




It was in 563 A. D. that the Irish Saint crossed the sea to Scotland and the event stands out as one of the greatest in the annals of the country. [...] The second reason for the assumption that beauty was reached in some of the vanished buildings of about Kenneth MacAlpine's day lies in the excellence of the early places in the Norman mode. [...] Early in the fourteen-hundreds the French poet Alain Chartier gave an oration in which he spoke of the sentiments implied by the Franco-Scottish league as positively inborn in the hearts of the people in either of the two countries involved. [...] But the actual body of the cathedral in question dates only from the 19th century which epoch with the opening years of the 20th looked upon1929] THE STUDY OF scarri811 AROEtriScruiFts copious endeavour in the rehabilitation of the shattered Mediamal houses of worship. [...] The strengthening of the financial position resulting from the separation of railway from general finances and the good years in 1923-24 and 1924-25 enabled the railways to consider reductions in rates and fares during the last three years.



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