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The Calcutta Review April 1902




Nowhere else has Goethe portrayed a character with such intense and affectionate interest as in the case of the Epimetheus of this poem ; and the ready abandoment of this hero to the impulses of the moment and to the seductive charms of female beauty appear to be drawn from what critics are wont to designate as the generalized eperience " of the author himself. [...] The main purpose was to signalise the triumph of harmony when Pandora will be restored to Epimetheus and Epimeleia to Phileros and when the sorrow of Today will be lightened with the prospect of the happiness of Tomorrow ; when as foreshadowed in the Prometheus " the Gods Prometheus his creatures the world and heaven shall all feel themselves to be parts of a harmonious whole." Pandora a [...] In his handling of this difficult metre it is noticable however that Gcethe avoids the use of alternating long and short feet in the first third and fifth places such as the spondee (— — ) the dactyl f —uu) and the anapaest (uu—) which was permitted to the Greek poets and was better suited to the natural cadency of the Greek language than to the rougher and less musical structure of the [...] But from the latter year down to a short period before his death the aged poet now busily engaged in compleing the Helen acts and other portions of the second part of Faust—such as the monologue in the beginning of the IVth Act and the speech of Erichtheus in the commencement of the classical Walpurgis Night once more returns to the metre with which he began the Helen episode in 'Soo. [...] The ilawab was profuse hs respect and hospitality shown to the honourable representative of the British Power and the occasion is marked as the date of the commencement of the strong relations of friendship that exist between the British Government and the Bahawalpur State.



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