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The Calcutta Review July 1899




The grandsons of the men who loved him then revere him now : the hero of the grandfathers is the model warrior of the grandchildren. [...] lihe Emperor's person was saved the defence so boldly begun turned into a re.ut ; the place was carried in the rush of the pursuit and the credit of the day was justly awarded to the valorous lady. [...] The facility of escape the protection afforded by the heavy jungles and the numerous forts that then studded the country with the ready sale for plundered property all combined to foster spoliatkni."" If this was the state of things at Aligarh where Perron had his head-quarters with all the best troops of the Government at his disposal what must have been the condition of the tracts between [...] FEW spots in the world possess a greater degree of interest for the ethnologist the naturalist the antiquarian or even the merely observant traveller whose only object is to least his eyes on the lovely work of the great Architect and Painter than the beautiful old world region of Malabar—washed on its western boundary by the ceaseless waves of an ocean that from the remotest times has borne on [...] All up and down the country-side the children roam to cull the blossoms that abound on every hand keeping up all the while a merry chorus that accords harmoniously with the voice of the morning breeze and the melodious warble of the bulbull and the magpie.



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