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Journal of Indian History April 1944




Those discussed in this paper are the Diwan-i-am the Diwan—i—khas the Daftar-khana the mint the treasuries ' the Shifa-khana or the hospital the Langar-khana the caravanserai and the water works. [...] (3) The throne-seat the rest of the verandah and the retiring apartment at the back are all very plainly built the only decortions being the exquisite stone screens on the two sides of the throne and the imitation stone tiles on the roof. [...] The proxmity to the Diwan-i-khas on the one side and to the hospial on the other the secret coffers within the wainscoting and the extensive vaults underneath now closed to the visitors indicated a better and more public use of it viz. [...] The drainage system was satisfactory and the overflow of the first waterworks may be noticed to pass beneath the covered way connecting the girls school with the Turki Sultana's house along the east side of the PachiSi court and then by the Diwan-i-khas to empty itself into a large tank in the nortern slopes of the ridge. [...] The network of the conduits devised for carrying water to the different parts of the city depicts Akbar to be an expert waterworks engineer and shows his accurate knowledge of the topography of the place and especially of the natural slope of the ground.



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