Welfare  November 1927
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Welfare November 1927




Speaking of they Empire statistics conference which sat in January and February 1921 the London Times said—"In Germany before the war the statistical Bureaux were ceaselessly employed in working on everything that illuminates the future of the German people ; and in the 'era which is now opening there can be little doubt that the nation which studies the drift of events as it is revealed by the [...] In such cases the investigator should give the quantity of commodities and the list of local prices and then the value of the former Should be calculated. [...] The value of sunlight and the aid of vitaglass in capturing the maximum of its ultraviolet rays is already recognised by the authorities Ad the object of this new installation is to give students and medical officers of health who pass through the school actual proof of its value. [...] When the required shape has been given to the bamboo the stick is removed from the former the sand taken out and a piece of soft cane is inserted in the opening to fill up the hollow end. [...] After the experiettces of the last world war and with the latest advancement in the line of electrical science and Engineering specialy its application in the development of efficiency in the various departments of the army and Navy as well as the progAss made in aircrafts and Radio inventions —the British Government must have thought it expedient to legalise the monopoly of mica.

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