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Welfare September 1927


Basanta has the cards in his hand in the game of life in which the sky is the limit and the world the stake. [...] She gives us an endless number of'tips about the preservation of health the development of character the cultivation of taste the avoid-"September 1927 MARGOT ASQ UITH 521 ance of carelessness the vanity of fame the utilisation of opportunities 'the sanctity of marriage and the lure of politics. [...] And indeed a careful study of the language of the Sanskritist Bengali authors will reveal the fact that this violence on the genius of the tongue is often accompanied by an identical violence on the rule of the Sanskrit grammar. [...] Hrisikesh Series) that the similies and conceits in which Vidyapati revels the delicacies and cloying passages the devrition of physical beauty in all its details and of the seasons all these hark back to Sanskrit poetry and often expect of their reader a knowledge of the Sanskrit poetic conventions. [...] Indeed it aspired to be someday the cultural messenger of the nation —maintaining and revivifying the ancient tradition that has been handed down to the people and synthesising it with the new knowledge of the West.
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i-vi Ashoke Chatterjee view
An Indian Wrestler in America
517-519 Sudhindra Bose view
Margot Asquith
519-522 Diwan Sharma view
The Present-day Study of Sanskrit in Bengal
522-526 Gopal Halder view
Problems of Finance
527-527 Irma Morris view
The Arthasastra of Young Bengal
528-532 Benoy Sarkar view
The Unfairness of Adults
532-532 Ladiya Roberts view
Duplex Open Hearth Plant
533-538 A.P. Som view
Trade Orgagisation in Italy under the Act and Regulations on Collective Relations in connection with Employment
538-546 H.E. Bottai view
The Selection of Electric Motors for Industrial Purposes II
546-548 S.R.M. Naidu view
Labour in Tanganyika
548-553 unknown view
“Because I tell You to”
553-554 Ethel Peterson view
The Defeat of W.T. Tilden at New Wimbledon
554-557 J.M. Ganguly view
Do You Know ?
557-562 unknown view
Women the World Over
562-563 unknown view
A Representative Woman of Japan
563-565 K. Yamamoto view
Aphids and Lady-Bird Beetles
565-566 G.R. Dutt view
The Feeding of Poultry in India
567-569 Douglas Ansell view
Native Labour Conditions and Population Problems in Nyasaland
569-574 unknown view
A Neglected Study
574-576 Amal Siddhanta view
Why Sleep is Necessary
576-579 unknown view
The Timid Child
580-580 Luther Smith view
i-ii unknown view

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