Welfare  August 1927
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Welfare August 1927




When a committee appointed by the Government theme elves on the express request of the millowners with the sole purpose of investigating into the condition of the industry is convinced of he existence of the need for protection the obvious duty of Government is to consider the conclusions of the Board with due respect and to endeavour to give effect to them Eutjit was not to be so and the consequ [...] What was the cause for the present depresed state of the Textile industry '' The Tariff Board has conducted a thorough enquiry into the aspect of the matter and has arrived at the conclusion that the depression in the Tetile industry has been due partly to the world conditions partly to the absent; of internal economics in the management of the industry itself and partly to unfair foreign c [...] The bounty recommended by the majority of the Tariff Board to be given to the industry goes a long way in recuperating the depressed condition of the industry and though there may be some objection on grounds of economy in paying a Bounty to a longstanding industry which has in the past maintained its ground the scheme of 4 p. c. import duty on Japanese imports should certainly have received th [...] It is somewhat hopeful that there seems to be an inclination on the part of the Government of India and especially the Viceroy to undestand the millowner's point of view and if they are able too free themselves from the grip of Lancashire interests they will not find it difficult to see the necessity of stabilising the Indian cotton textile industry. [...] To the weaving classes of the from last year and the Government have State it affords demonstration of the value of secured the services of a spinning instructor up-to-date looms and other appliances.

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