Welfare  July 1927
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Welfare July 1927




bath ready every morning went to the prining office when all the baths were over and set up the type„.printed the menus for the day and the news bulletins received by wirless and at meal-time waited on table. [...] They had to prepare the baths for all the women and children passengers clean the bath-rooms and lavtpries even to the extent of scrubbing the floors ' and attend to any ladies who might be suffering from sea-sickness or other ailments. [...] The cabin was always cleaned the beds made and the wasstand attended to by the time the officers made their tour of inspection daily round about eleven o'clock in the morning. [...] One of the newspapers of the city commenting upon the affair wrote that they were greatly obliged to the Captain of the Der rflinger for giving them such a treat : but they wished he had given them some good lively tunes instead of all the German music the band played. [...] VIII The Captain and the officers were exceeingly courteous and solicitous about the welfare of the passengers.

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