Welfare  June 1927
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Welfare June 1927




After the description of the isle with the wall of gold (Suvarnadvipa or Sumatra ?) we come to the well-known passage :— With all your efforts reach Yavadvipa (the island of Java) adorned with seven kingdoms the isle of gold and silver adorned with mines of gold ; then beyond the isle of Yava is the mountain Sisira whose peak touches the sky and which is the abode of gods and demons." Is this [...] ThChou * The episode of the 'sakunapatha' or the path of birds in the Brhatkatha may be the source from which the story of Sindbad and his adventure with the roc birds may have been drived. [...] The mother of Maharaja Balaputrdeva the inscription tells us was Tara the daughter of a King Dharmasetu of the lunar race and the queen of the mighty King who was the son of the renowned ruler of Yavabhumi"—the ornaments of the gailendra dynasty (of Sri Vijaya). [...] "With the mind attracted by the manifold excellences of Nalanda and through devotion to the son of Suddhadana—he (thq King of Suvarnadvipa) –.built there (at Nalanda) a monastery which was the abode of the assembly of monks of various good qualities and was white with the series of stuccoed and lofty buildings" The Tibetan work of Kalyana Mitra Phyag-sorpa (written about the middle of the 13th cen [...] In the realms of theoretical knowledge too the study of electro-chemistry has very greatly advanced our knowledge of the mechanism of chemical reactions the nature of solution the properties of ions and many other matters.

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