Welfare  May 1927
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Welfare May 1927




Research work in laboratory and factory led to the discovery of methods which enabled the manufacturers to cut down the consumption of raw rubber largely by increasing the life of the tyre and to a lesser extent by the employment of reclaimed" (used) rubber in certain processel. [...] Even with such support the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate would however have laid themselves open to the charge of opening the flood-gates of exploitation of the Philippines had they paid any heed to that agitatio i : and at least to the date of this writing the statute governing the acquisition of land stands unaltered. [...] The inference to be drawn no doubt is that but for the presence of the few Americans who still remain in the islands the Moros would be completely at the mercy of the intellgentsia which it is alleged consists largely of "n2esti;.'o" (half-breeds). [...] Only by trusting the Mons to the integrity of character of the Christian Filipinos and making the latter respbnsible for the advancement of their Muslim countrymen can the cause of natiohood be advanced. [...] The clay Fig 1. Jets of water playing on the clay rocks stream here is joined with another stream of fresh water to dilute the suspensions and increase the speed of the stream so that the fine particles suspended with the clay may not separate out during the long sun in open channels to the 'micas or places where streams from several mines join together and deposits the fine particles of micas and

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