Welfare  April 1927
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Welfare April 1927




Naturally what the professor sees when in the class is not the different mentalities of the different individuals but rather the masses of heads ; all he knows there are the sections and the roll numbers. [...] Disease is the outcome of defiance of the laws of Nature and it is for this defiatice of Nature that the Almighty visits us in the form of disease. [...] Let us therefore correctly understand and interjret these laws ; they are hard laws— the laws of the bunter and the warrior and not the laws the soft laws of the Moghul harems or the Rolls Royce. [...] At the same time the useless expenditure of energy in the higher reaches of the alimentary tract—the digestive—required for the necessary disposal of extra victuals inevitably leads to a correpond/ng lack of energy in the lower—the excretory—reaches with the result that the normal activities of the latter are sadly impaired.' This lack of energy in the lower reaches causes retention of *flete [...] The object of a fast is to enable the energies to turn out the dust-heaps of stored up 91uperf1uous and harmful food material which are clogging what may be called the "wheels of being." Fasting is a physiological harless and above all inexpensive method of keeping in good health.

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