Welfare  February 1927
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Welfare February 1927




Another scheme started on the initiative of the Health Committee and belonging to this same group of its activities was the despatch of a Commission to the Eastern Mediterranean and to Black Sea ports to enquire into international arrangements regarding the prevention of epidemic diseases in the Near East in connection with the need for revising the International Sanitary Convention of 1912. [...] It enables the Health Committee —which has accepted the task with the conesent of the Council—to initiate and co-ordinate investigations and research work bearing upon vaccination against cholera the endemic centres of this terrible disease and the Measures to be taken to prevent the risk of the outbreak of an epidemic of pulmonary plague in Manchuria. [...] This was followed in 1925 by an investigation of countries around the Mediterranean basin and the programme further included a number of scientific studies such as the relationship of river deltas to endemic malaria ( the Danube the Ebro the Po etc.) the role of animals and of rice fields in the production of malaria in Europe the results obtained by drainage measures by other anti-larval [...] comparing the action of both cinchonine and the total extract of cinchona with that of luinine and in due time when sufficient data have been aquireq intends to a11 a conference to consider the world production of quinine in acecydance with the request of the public health administration of the kingdom of the Serbs Croats and Slovenes. [...] The proper grinding of both the flint and stone is of the utmost importance as upon it depends not only the facility of working and plasticity of the body but also the ultmate quality of the wares.

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