Welfare  January 1927
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Welfare January 1927




The other members of the Commission were satisfied with being shown the class roonls the science theatre the library the laboratory etc. [...] During the visit of Sir Gooroo Das to Allahabad the Bengali residents of the place met to do him honour at a garden party at the residence of Pramada Charan Banerji and invited the elite of the town to meet him. [...] by Scierfce is this that the use of opium of the Government of India in coesultation in large quantities diminishes the resisting with the different provincial rovernlnents power in the blood and therefore makes the the disappointment which strikes his on opium consumer more liable to catch lie first reading increases. [...] the Bombay Government and they have taken the necessary action by licensing the sale of beta glis and limiting the opine] contents of the pills to 1140th A a grain. [...] I recalled the generous burgundies the delicate clarets the stimulating champagnes the warm and ancient brandies which perished in the insensate outrage and I inflamed the honest resentment of the youth to most of whom these beverages were extremely ire by my reproaches upon 4eir cruel and uneconomic dissipation." The speech had the desired effect and the Oxford Magazine iTrote "It is long in

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