The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute  November  February  May  August  1952-1953
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The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute November February May August 1952-1953




gesa Naga) living in Vavasvati Puri in the south; Niriti a Raksas living in the city of Krsna in the south-west;' Varuna living in the city of guddhavati in the west; Pavana" (Wind) living in the city of Gandhavati in the north-west; Kuvera" residing in the city of Mahodayi in the north; iganau living in the city of Yagovati in the north-east; Sarasvati who is said to have a body possessing [...] IV R. C. HAtit one of its original chapters and that the Naksatras have bees mentioned in the latter work in the order from Ktttiki Bharani39 tend to indicate that the diva-dharma was compose( earlier than 5 5o A. D. From the mention of the Buddha an( the Arhata as worshipping giva-lingaso and of the name of the zodiacal signs (tali) it appears that the diva-dham was written later than the Yeijga [...] The familiarity of ancient people with the Tithis Naksatras and planets but the total absence of the term 'rail' in all early works down to the time of the l'ajNavalkya-smrti tends to show that the Indians were not familiar with the Regis earlier than the second century A. D."18 R. C. HAZRA APPENDIX I VERSES ASCRIBED TO THE fIVA-DHARMA OR f VA-DHARMSASTRA 1. In Smrti-candrikd (of Devanabhatt [...] DATE OF THE BHARATA BATTLE OR MAHABHARAT A WAR RE JOINDER Na u* By P. C. SENGUEITA FOR finding the year of the Blarata War as he calls it Professor Bhattacharya depends solely on the two Manbhdrata statements : (i) the first is Kona's challenge to Karna that he began the fight on the day of the coming new-moon in the Jyestbdnaksatra of which the junction star" is Antares and (ii) the other is [...] If the lunar reckoning be of.full-moon ending the last quarter day of the month would be in the bright half; if the lunar reckoning be of the nemoon ending months the last quarter day would be in the dark half of the month of Migha (lunar).

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