The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute  November 1951
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The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute November 1951




1 shows that it was the gift of Capidevi wife of Revatimitra a lady from Vidigii." There are also references to the gift of Vagisthi the wife of Venimitra from Vidiga;" the gift Phagudeva from Vidigit; the gift of Anuridha from Vidigi ;87 the gift of Aryama from Vidigit;88 and the gift of Bhatarak§ita from Vidi3a.88 The NIlakanthegvara temple at Udayapur in Bhilsa has been referred to in the U [...] It is clear from the above why in interpreting verse 99 he had to transpOse a na in order to say that the Buddha did not teach what was actually his teaching."PHILOSOPHY OF GAUDAPÂDA 13 All this is based on the supposition that the great Saikara who wrote the commentaries on the Brakmasfara the Upanisads and the Gitä was also the author of the commetary on the Karikcis of Gauclapida on the [...] There remains for the future scholars the arduous task of finding out how from the agnostic teachings of the Buddha was developed through the various scholars of Buddhist thought and in perhaps more than a thousand years the culminating idea of absolute monism of the Lähkavatetrastara which was such a near approach to the grauta idea of Brahmahood as to justify an interpretation of Srauta in its [...] After discussing a number of views on the comparative seriousness of the calamities befalling the seven elements of the state the ruler the minister the country the fort the treasury the army and the friend Kautalya concludes that no calamity is so great as that involving the ruler and aptly too for according to him the most summary exposition of the state is to say that the rap is the ra [...] In the eyes of Kautalya having a small parisad was by no means a good qualification for a ruler." In what relationship did the Mantrins and the Mantrparisad stand to the ruler ? The Mantrin was certainly a very important element of the state more important than even janapada for "all activities proceed from the minister; activities such as the successful accoplishment of the works of the p

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