The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute  August 1951
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The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute August 1951




If the nearness of my date of the Bhärata War (1432 B. C.) to the assumed epoch (1429 B. C.) of the Veddiga Jyotisa makes my year of the war to belong to the age of the Veddiga Jyoti fia then the actual inclusion of the same system in the Mandbhdrata makes the Alandbbjrata itself to be more so though the date of the war given by Prof. [...] The following reasons may suFfce for the purpose (i) According to the requirements of the Vedahga Jyotisa the 1st days of the solar Mkgha should begin with only one of the following tithis namely gukla 1st gukla i3th Kona 12 h gukla 7th and Kona 4th and no other whereas according to the Mandbhdrata it was the middle of the scukla 8th at the noon of the day. [...] At the time of the Mandbhärata the tropical system was still prevailing but later the sidereal system was introduced with the first point of the naksatra Dhanisthd Delphini)marking the beginning of the year and also the beginning of the month of solar Mägha. [...] the order of tithis and naksatras for the year of the war and the other the position of the then winter solstice with reference to the star Jyesthi. [...] According to the statements of krsna and Bhisma the distance of the winter solstice in the year of the war"330 TARAKESHWAR BHATTACHARYA from the star Jyesthi was 67 days' journey of the sun.

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