The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute  May 1951
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The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute May 1951




The former translated as emptiness of self-nature is more literally emptiness of being-svabhava that is the emptiness of the svabhava or self-nature of what are supposed to be being or existing in the world; it is the emptiness of the Parikalpita and Paratantra svabhavas the two-fold egolessness of persons and things. [...] The latter however is the truth of the ultimate reality which reveals itself when the emptiness of the world of multiplicity is thoroughly understood; it is the truth of the Parinispanna svabhava. [...] The idea of eternalism rises from considering the world as composed of particulars which are eternal and not subject to causation and that of nihilism rises from not considering the true existence of the ultimate reality of which the particulars are a false presenttion and from thinking that with the disappearance of a partcular the conditions of ignorance deed and desire which caused its a [...] "Mandmati " said the Blessed one "my teaching consists in the cessation of sufferings arising from the discrimination of the triple world in the cessation of ignorance desire deed and causality and in the recognition that an objective world like a vision is the manifestation of Mind itself."28 " Because the world which is the Mind itself is imagined real and attached to as such the whole ps [...] Like the waves of the ocean Mandmati the world which is the mind-manifested is stirred up by the wind of objectivity it evolves and disolves."" "When the (ideas of) body property and abode are cherished in what are nothing but the manifetation of Mind itself the external world is perceived under the aspects of individuality and generality whieh hoever are not realities."30 (To be

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