The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute  February 1951
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The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute February 1951




In the 17th Kärikä or verse of the 1st Prakarana the only chapter which deals directly with the contents of the _Meindfikya Upanisad he says This dual world is nothing but a Mäyd." En the 31st verse of the znd Prakarana in which the unreality of the world is ought to be established on a consideration of the dreaming state he says " As a dream and a Maya are seen as a city of the Gandharva [...] It is called Aldtakintiprakarana that is the chapter on the quietude of the fire-brand the meaning of which will come out in the course of the exposition of the contents of the chapter by Satyananda the commentator. [...] 7 verses 45-47."PHILOSOPHY OF GAUDAPADA 125 Thence we assign to Suchness this quality the universal illumination of the universe (it is the Dharmadhatu).8 The Dharmadhatu that is the Dharma as Tathatd and the world that is the Dharmas as Nimitta Ndma and Vikalpa being thus in one sense contradictory and in another sense the same the qualities which we attribute to the Dhramdhdtu with o [...] According to the recognised canons of Sanskrit literary criticism it is either a direct narration of the qualities of the hero or an indirect praise of the hero by recounting special distinctive traits of the outstanding opponent vanquished by him—WM qt 74-174 Allif#97 1151 This latter is the better and probably a more telling manner-of achieving the purpose of making clear the greaness of the [...] As explained by the illitcikprei(to7o-1 Too A. D.) the line means that the state adjacent to the vijigiyi was the prakrta enemy ;12 next to it stood the praIrta friend and futher still came the Udcisina the state separated from the vijgip by the mandates of ani and mitra." Nandana a commetator on the Illantismrti held the same view.14 Thus originally the word UddIfina referred not

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