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Journal of the Indian Medical Association November 1953


Solid masses of cells which were oval or round in shape strikingly uniform and closely resembling the stromal cells of the endometrium were seen distributed both in the wall of the uterus and the polyp. [...] (e) Size of the Uterus Enlargement of the uterus usually symmetrical was the main and constant finding in most of the cases. [...] If naturally adds to the credit of the toxoid that in spite of food shortages movements of population and air raids which prvailed during the war and increased immensely the difficulty of controlling infectious diseases the toxoid had prevented over 92 per cent of cases and deaths during the 7 years of campaign. [...] Virtually the cost of the toxoid is about the cost of the medium in which the toxoid is produced. [...] The clotted blood and the whole blood when cultured in the same medium without bile showed no advantage of one over the other but the addition of bile enhanced the value of clotted blood for culture.
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Benign and Malignant Stromatosis
41-45 Dhirendra Kumar, V.S. Mangalik, K.M. Wahal view
A Plea for Immunization of Children in India With Combined Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids
45-47 D.C. Lahiri view
Enteric Fever in Bombayten Years’ Review of Laboratory Diagnosis
47-52 D.W. Soman, B.G. Modi view
4 (3- Diethylamino-Methyl-4- Hydroxyanilino) -7-Chloroquinoline (“Camoquin”) in the Treatment of Giardiasis
52-54 N.R. Konar, A.N. Gupta, S.P. Bhattacharjee, Gita Chanda view
Management of Rheumatic Heart Disease
54-60 Nirmal Das Gupta view
Corticomedullary Diversion and Its Possibile Role in Acute Renal Failure
60-68 S.N. De view
Ewing’s Tumour of the Clavicle
68-69 K.S. Bose, N.M. Banerjee view
Intestinal Amoeboma
70-72 Amal Chakravarty view
Allergic Tonsillitis
72-ii H.S. Ambwani view
Fourth T. B. Seal Sale Campaign
73-73 unknown view
Current Topic
74-75 B.N. Ghosh view
Notes and News
76-77 unknown view
77-78 unknown view
78-80 unknown view
80-80 Charu Basu view

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