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Journal of the Indian Medical Association October 1953


H. and Cortisone in the Treatment of Complication of Leprosy ACTH in Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis... [...] H. and in the Treatment of Complication of Leprosy 271 Cortisone Corticotropin and Salcylates in Rheumatic Fever... [...] in the Treatment of Compliction of Leprosy :Diaminodit)henvIsulphone in PAGE Leprosy Novot nine in 27o Liver Abscess Amoebic (hlorquine in 515 Liver Disease Abdominal Pain and Lambliasis as Cause of 200 L-noradrenaline in Treatment of Shock in Cardiac Infarction... [...] Con ference WHO on Malaria at Bangkok Congress Child Welfare Congress International of Diseases 183 of the Chest Congress International of Opthalmology Congress Of Thoracic Surgery Argentina Conversazione in Tropical School Council of Medical Registration Orissa Council of Medical Registration. [...] 132 477 Institute of Child-Health in Calcutta 311 Institute of Medical Physics 3 2 Institute Royal of Public Health & Hygiene London 132 International Code of Nursing Ethics 39 International Conference of Throbosis and Embolism 182 International Congress of Diseases of the Chest...
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Studies in Iron Metabolism in Anaemias in Pregnancy
1-10 Chunilal Mukherjee, Saroj Mukherjee view
The Role of Resection in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
10-15 T. Thomas, Reehe Betts, N. Gopinath view
Streptococcal Enzymes in Combination With Recent Antibiotics in Chronic Otitis Media
15-21 Dwarka Mukerjea view
The Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis
21-22 Khetra Banerjee view
North American Blastomycosis
22-24 B.B. Mukherjee view
Primary Systemic Amyloidosis
24-26 B.P. Tribedi, A.R. Roy view
27-29 unknown view
Current Medical Literature
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Current Topic
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Notes and News
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