Journal of the Indian Medical Association  August 1953
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Journal of the Indian Medical Association August 1953




+ + SEROLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS Results of aldehyde antimony and complement fixation tests of the same nine samples of sera are shown in Table T. In the aldehyde-negative cases the diagnosis of kala-azar was also confirmed by demonstrtion of L. D. bodies in the bone marrow (sternum and ilium puncture). [...] Benhamou et al reported the presence in the sera of their kala-azar cases a protein fraction 'X' more rapid than the albumin fraction and they were of the opinion that the presence of 'X' fraction was of the greatest value not only in this initial diagnosis of kalazar but in assessing the progress and cure of the disease. [...] Cooper et at reported that the aldehyde test was negative with the separated gamma globulin frations and concluded that the abnormal gamma globulin could not have been representative of the whole of the material responsible for the positive reaction with the aldehyde test. [...] CALCIFEROL THERAPY A series of 30 cases of various types of cutaneous tuberculosis was treated with calciferol parenterally as detailed in Table r. We regularly examined the scrum calcium blood urea level and sedimentation rate of all the above cases throughout the course of the treatment and they were within the normal limits with insignificant variations in a few cases only. [...] We had no elderly patient in our series and the urine of the patients did not show any TABLE 1STIOWING ANALYSIS OF THE CASES TREATED WITH CALCIFEROL Duration of treament in weeks Duration Age in of the Site of No.

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