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Journal of the Indian Medical Association June 1953


during the first half) of prenancy there was no significant fall in the concentration of the iron level of the serum compared to that in the non-pregnant state. [...] 9 JUNE 1953 MUKHERJEE AND MUKHERJEE JOURNAL I. M. A. statistical correlation was observed between the rate of fall of the serum iron and that of the haemoglobin although after the appearance of anaemia the normal gradient of fall of the serum iron concentration during pregnancy was greatly exaggerated. [...] The present observation indicates that in the last trimester of gestation the concentration of the acisoluble iron in the serum is reduced from the nopregnant level by 27 ilgm. [...] The former was done with the object of improving the absorption of the dietetic iron the latter to produce a state of diarrhoea and thereby prevent the absorption of iron from the intestine. [...] The serum iron being in a labile state its depletion does not quantitatively indicate the extent of the loss of the iron store of the body.
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Studies in Iron Metabolism in Anæmias in Pregnancy I. Serum Iron
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In Memoriam — Dr. A. K. Sen
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Dr. A. K. Sen — An Appreciation (with Reminiscences)
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Current Medical Literature
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Current Topic
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Notes and News
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Supplement Jonrnal of the Indian Medical Association
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