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Journal of the Indian Medical Association February 1953


Besides the delegates and members of the Recetion Committee there was a distinguished gathering of members of the public representing the Ministry of Bihar the Universities of Bihar and Patna the leading lawyers and advocates of the city and others. [...] At the annual meeting of the Central Council held at Patna on the 23rd 24th and 25th December 1952 the office-bearers of the Indian Medical Association and of the Journal of the I.M. [...] The keynote of our conference nowadays is to call upon the members of our profession to play their noble role as torch-hearers of scientific medicine to dedicate themselves to the service of the people and to infuse in them the high ideals of health." Health of the people is the Nation's most vital asset. [...] HEALTH PLANS AND THE MEDICAL PROFESSION Improvement of the Public Health of the Nation being an objective common to both the Government and this Association of ours the co-operation of the Medical Profession should be sought at every stage of the progress of any scheme for the eradication of ilhealth from our country. [...] CENTRAL INSTITUTION OF POST-GRADUATE TEACHING In the absence of organized post-graduate teaching in the medical college of the country a central instittion for the post-graduate teaching should be placed at the seat of Central Government and it is justifiable to utilize the donation of roo 000 generously provided by the New Zealand Government under the Colombo plan for the development of thi
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