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Journal of the Gujarat Research Society July-October 1953


3 and 4 EDITORIAL NOTES The publication of the History and Culture number of Journal nas been intetionally synchronised with the date of the holding of the 1'741.' sessions of the AlIndia Oriental Conference at Ahmedabad the Cultural Centre of Gujarat with the object of extending the hand of fellowship and co-operation on behalf of this society. [...] X of the Journal of the Gujarat Research Society in its issue of October 1948 set forth the historical data contained in the description of Camatkarapur and its environs in the Nagarakhanda of the Skanda Parana and made some concluding remarks as to the vicissitudes through which the said city had passed during the Vedic and Epic ages and the probable date of composition of the said work. [...] My subsequent study of the subject has furnished materials from which I believe it possible to fix the earliest possible date of the work with a reasonable amount of certainty and to state that the Sena kings of Anarta must have belonged to the community of the Abhiras which had established a republic in and around Saurashtra during the interval between the fall of the Siitavahanas of Andhra and [...] He was no doubt the founder of the new dynasty of the Sena kings of Anarta because besides officiating as Indra the king of the gods he had acted as the person specially interested in the performance of the sacrifice at the proper time by bringing forward an Abhira girl to be qualified for officiating as the wife of the chief priest Brahma in the absence of his formerly wedded wife on being p [...] the Nagas who had settled down in the Vindhya mountain range and as the predecessors of the Pallavas in the Andhradega The Nagas also being thus excluded there remains the only possibility of the Sena of Anarta being the Abhiras.
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Sena Kings of Anarta in their Historic Setting
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The Deer Park Palace of Sultan Mahmud III
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Some Expressions of Culture in Modern Russia
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Some Important Literary References Bearing on the History of Fire-Arms and Fire-Works-in India
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State of Union with Brahman
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Studies in Ancient Indian Erotics
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Ancient Site of Intwa Near Junagadh
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Family in Gujarat
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Sixteenth Annual General Meeting
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