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Journal of the Gujarat Research Society January 1949




In view of recent events such as the merger of smaller states with existing districts the merger of Baroda State in the near future and the creation of Saurashtra the study of the economic problems of Maha Gujarat have assumed greater importance and it is to be hoped that both workers and funds will be available for the same. [...] The co-operation between the Bombay Government the Baroda Goverment the B. B. & C. I. and the Ahmedabad Electricity Company is expected to be of appreciable benefit to all the parties and will tend to reduce the cost of electric service in the area covered and widen very considerably the area which can be economically supplied with electricity. [...] 2. As the figures of the production of food are available only from 1908-09 it is not possible to compare the figures relating to area and production "10 JOURNAL OF THE GUJARAT RESEARCH SOCIETY EXTENSION OF AREA UNDER MAIN NON-FOOD CROPS We may now study in detail the trends of acreages under the main non-food crops in Gujarat during the last sixty years. [...] Out of the rise of 52 points in the gross-cropped area an area to the extent of 18 points falls to share of food crops the non-food crops contributing the remaining 34 points. [...] But the unsettling effects of the partition on the finances of the Central Government of the Indian Union made prospects of Central subventions rather grim; and as a result the Hon'ble Mr.



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