The New Review  April 1949
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The New Review April 1949




The main point urged in all these cases is first of all the historical claim; the four Andhra coastal districts known as the Northern Circars were acquired by grant from the Emperor of Delhi in 1765 and formed the original nucleus of the province; in 1792 further territory was acquired as a result of the Mysore Wars and still more in 1799 owing to the abdication of the Raja of Tajore. [...] Eliot himself tells us how the spur of Arnold is behind the curvettings of the Paters and the Kers the Bradleys256 THE NEW REVIEW and the Saintsburys. [...] Both of them preach the theory of the bit as against the theory of the spur the favourite of the Englishman. [...] There ought to be only one critic the critic of aesthetic delight; not the ipressionist the theorist the specialist and the relativist; not the biographical the historical and the psychological. [...] The seaports of the coast were the emporia for the vast trade of the Deccan and that is why the highways are only from the Deccan to the sea through the Suhzadris and not runing parallel to the sea.

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