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After the Civil War had broken out in Spain in 1936 one of the first measures concerted by the Popular Front GoN7ernment was the issuing of orders to the crew of every ship of the navy to murder their officers and seize the ships. [...] Among the treasures thus seized by *expert cracksmen in Government's employ the following items call for special attention : Radium belonging to the Faculty of Medicine and worth 400 00o gold pesetas; ingots of gold of a value of 713 356 gold pesetas the prperty of the Precious Metals Society; the treasury of the Cathedral of Toledo and that of the Escurial; the jewels of Her Highness Princes [...] The puzzle is that Spain is being blackballed by most of the nations in the Western and the Eastern Hemisphere with the connivance and at the instigation of the Big Three : Russia England and the United States. [...] It implied the extermination of the midle classes the inauguration of a general reign of terror - the creation of a workmen's militia the destrucfion of churches and convents the suppression of the 'bourgeois' and at the instigation Ef the Big Three : Russia EnglandTHE PUZZLING PROBLEM OF SPAIN 25 of these commodities bears the genuine hall-mark of Soviet-manufacture : totalitarian tyranny [...] In spite of the gangster methods' of the Reds in Spain there was actually in Spain 'during the Civil War 'an Attlee Brigade' so called after the man who whilst he was the leafier of the Opposition26 THE NEW the Houses of Commons felt confident that he could with impunity make a public parade of his political prferences and travelled all the way from the Thames to the Tagus to sh
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