The New Review  December 1948
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The New Review December 1948




It silently passes on to the making of other statements and other statements and other arguments in order that the controversy may end in futility rather than in the establishment of the facts or the discovery of the truth. [...] The debris of their occupation of a site which they left behind them the ashes of their fires the stone tools they chipped into shape and the evidence of their manufacture on anvil stones and in disengaged chips the bones or shells of the animals they ate and sometimes their own skeletons--these materials together with the soil and stones which fell from the roof of the shelter gradually cov [...] A very elaborate method has been fouded on such recondite grounds as the seclar differences in the angle of the equator of the earth to the orbit the earth follows around the sun; the relationship of this to the various positions of the earth in its orbit with respect to the amount of sunlight received on various parts of the globe; and finally these two elements combined with the slight [...] The uranium method has been used principally to arrive at some of the appalling figures given for the ages of the geological eras antecedent to man and for the age of the world as a whole but it suplies dates for the age of man as well. [...] The first is composed of the dried mature leaves and in some areas of India of the fruits also; Ganja consists of the female flowering tops and twigs covered with resinous exudation while charas the strongest of the three always imported from Central Asia is the resinous exudation deposited on the leaves young twigs bark of the stem and even on the young fruits.

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