The New Review  August 1948
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The New Review August 1948




It was during the nth and i3th centuries that the purpose and function of the state were examined in the light of the teachings of a universal Church. [...] The Alternatives The leaders of the `Christian current' within CGIL see the present labor sitution as offering 3 possibilities for action: i. To maintain the present unity of the labor movement with the intention of rpeating within the CGIL the victory that has just been won over the Communists in the political sphere. [...] 4. In Hungary the Catholic Primate Cardinal Mindszenty has threatened to ecommunicate those who support the plan of the Moscow-controlled Government for nationalizing the schools on the ground that it is only the first step towards the elimination of religion and the imposition of an anti-Christian philosophy. [...] Her submission to Moscow was decreed in the same secret deals with Stalin which delivered the Poles the Serbs the Slovenes the Hungarians the Rumanians the Bulgars the Estonians Latvians Lithuanians and Finns to Communist domination and may yet bring the Autrians Germans and Chinese behind the Iron Curtain. [...] THE RED REBEL The case was patent and the Cominform meeting in Rumania openly charged Tito and two of his ministers with 'nationalism' and `Trotzkyism% the deadly sins of the84 THE NEW REVIEW Red decalogue and deliberately instructed the comrades to change the Communist leaders in Yugoslavia.

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