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The New Review May 1948


In his whole nature in the exalted dignity and majesty of his appearance in his attributes as creator 336 THE NEW REVIEW orderer upholder and governor of the world in his spotless purity and cleanness in the holy anger with which he judges and punishes the wicked in his grace and mercy towards the penitent in his conferring personal immortality on the faithful dead—in all this he appears as [...] The connection of Varuna with Mitra is so close that in one and the same hymn the sun is called the eye of Varuna and the eye of Mitra as if the two were but one god„ one person. [...] As a trumpet call it inspires the 'shook banners' of hope to tauten °once more to the winds of faith; whispers to us of days when in the poet's own words 'earth shall emerge out of all its disintegrations and confusion like a strong though buffeted swimmer nearer to the unseen model and term of social growth; which is the civil constitution of angeldom and the Uranian statecraft of imperatorial [...] Some of his poems were written when he was forlorn and outcast and these tell of lamentation and failure but in his best works the lively twist of words and romance of fancy makes the reader forget the sad notes in it and keeps him continually in the clouds and above the cares of mankind. [...] of God as the Author of the universe and Supreme Law-giver would give to the authority of the state and its laws a sacredness and stability which the bayonet cannot for all its worth.
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This Side and that
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The Indo-European Supreme Being
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Francis Thompson : the Poet
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The Tricolour Flag
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State Versus Diverse Religions
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The Problem of Goa
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Economic Justice
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The Marshall Plan
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Agricultural Planning in India
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The Draft Constitution
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Some Recent Books
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