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The New Review February 1948




Now it can be shown that the product of the imprecision of positiort by the iprecision of impulse is equal to the constant of Planck which is symbolized by h. This in a few words is the Principle of Indetermintion of Heisenberg. [...] This 'blister' is directly below the sum and its height above the surface of the earth is greatest directly below the sun and falls off gradually upto the Fi layer towards the extremities of the bulge. [...] It has been observed that the heights and ion-densities of the different layers vary greatly according to the season time of the day and latitude of the place of observation. [...] The time taken for the 'echo' to return multiplied by the velocity of the radio wave gives the virtual height of the ionising layer. [...] The extremely small density in the stream and the large space required in the laboratory make experiments unfeasible.' AURORA POLARIS : The Auroral displays have also contributed largely to the study of the electrical state of the upper atmosphere.



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