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The New Review March 1947




In the matter under consideration the purpose of civil society is the good life on earth; hence it is the duty and right of the members of the civil society to choose and secure the means that will make the good life possible easy and universal. [...] Initiating man unto the mystery of the Trinity the hiden God reveals to him the Divine procession the genertion of the Word by the Father the spiration of the Spirit by the Father and the Son and through love all men are invited to participate in this Nature and beatitude making them in the words of St. [...] John of the Cross and the other Christian mystics are eponents of the Philosophia Perennis; in fact squeeze the Christianity out of them (supposing one knows all that Christianity is) and what remains (supposing something does) ? Why of course the Philosophia Perennis ! Apply the same method to the others squeeze Hinduism out of the Hindu Buddhism out of the Buddhist Islamism out of the Mo [...] The battle action the shooting the wounds the dying and the smell and sight of death the charge of tanks and the swoop of the deadly bombers these are all auxiliary to the task of describing with imaginative fidelity what the men involved must feel. [...] In these talks the confusion of the writer is mirrored the faith and the lack of faith the alienation and the need for communal har-192 THE NEW REVIEW mony the bitterness and the disillusionment and also the urge to affirm lasting supraindividual values.



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