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Indian Culture (Journal of the Indian Research Institute) April - June 1947




The excellent character of this new Journal and the high standard of articles published in it and the enterprise and devotion of the group of the Bengali scholars seem to make Indian Culture rightly and completely fill the great void created by the unfortunate discontinuance of the great epoch-making Journal the Indian Antiquary. [...] It is bounded on the north and the north-east by the British District of Ajmer-Merwara and the Shahpura Chiefship and Jaipur; on the west and the south-west by Jodhpur Sirohi and Idar; on the south by Dungarpur Bänswara and Partabgarh. [...] At the junction of the three rivers (Tribeni) the Bands the Kothdri and the Mainal at the southern end of the Central Bundi Range stands another tower of strength the famous Mandalgarh once the pride of the Hadas. [...] Among the other rivulets mention may be made of the Khdri in the north the Som and its branch the Jakam in the south and the Wakal a tributary of the Sabarmati in the south-west. [...] The finest of these are the Dhebar or Jai Samand the Raj Samand the Udaisägar the Pichola and the Fatehsagar.



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