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Records of the Geological Survey of India September 1934


It is interesting to compare the changes in alike figures of total value recorded in Table 1 with the variations in the average annual value of the leading metals and ores as summarised in Table 2.6 In 1931 all the metals and ores given in this table showed a fall in price except gold in the price of which there was a substantial rise. [...] In 1929 the statistical position at the end of the year showed a very great improvement in spite of the increase in the total ouput stocks in the six provinces of Assam Baluchistan Bengal Bihar and Orissa the Central Provinces and the Punjab for which such figures are available showing a total reduction of 781 477 tons. [...] 265 The development of an iron and steel industry in India on modern lines has led to the erection of several plants for the manufacture of hard coke of metallurgical quality and it has therefore become a matter of general interest to know the proportion of the total annual output of coal in India that is utilised in the manufacture of hard coke. [...] This is a result of the stimulus of the high price of gold the value of the 1933 output being the highest in terms of sterling since 1920. [...] In 1932 in spite of the continuance of the depression there was a partial recovery in the production of iron-ore in India of 135 618 tons (8.3 per cent.).
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