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Tathagat Nazmien

1 Jan 2015

Poet, critic, writer Satyapal Anand was born on 24 April 1931 at Kot Sarang, now in Pakista.India. He finished his primary education there and attended secondary school in Rawalpindi in 1947. After the partition of India, his family moved to Ludhiana in East Punjab where he received his college education, earning a Masters in English from the Punjab University in Chandigarh with academic distinction. Later, he earned his doctoral degrees in English Literature and Philosophy. He has written several fictional and poetry books in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi languages. His novels include Aahat, Chowk Ghanta Ghar, Ishq Maut Aur Zindagi, Shehr Ka Ek Din etc. Jeeney Key Liye, Apney Markaz Ki Taraf, Dil Ki Basti, Apni Apni Zanjeer, Patthar Ki Saleeb etc are the short stories penned by him. He has also written some books in hindi like Yug Ki Awaz, Painter Bawrie, Azadi Ki Pukar, Bhoori Dil Ki Basti, Chowk Ghanta Ghar, Geet Aur Ghazles Ghazlon Ka Guldasta.
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