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Climate Change Performance Index: Results 2023

14 Nov 2022

The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) is a report which assesses the policies adopted by various countries across the world to combat global warming. It has been published annually since 2005. This 2023 edition was authored by Jan Burck, Thea Uhlich and Christoph Bals (Germanwatch); Niklas Höhne and Leonardo Nascimento (NewClimate Institute); and Tasneem Essop (Climate Action Network International).  Germanwatch, an environmental and human rights organisation, established the CCPI in order to keep track of the developments and amendments in climate policies, both national and international, as well as to analyse the interests of the countries formulating these policies. The aim of the CCPI is to help build an international climate policy relevant for all countries. The index assesses the performances of 59 countries and the European Union across four categories: GHG emissions, renewable energy, energy use and climate policy.  The report states that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have grown by 40 per cent globally since 2000. If the world hopes to keep global warming limited to 1.5°C as per the Paris Agreement, countries must reduce their emissions by half by 2030.  The 32-page report is divided into five sections: State of the Climate: Trying to beat the clock (Section 1); Overall Results CCPI 2023 (Section 2); Key Country Results (Section 3); About the CCPI (Section 4); and Endnotes (Section 5).
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Jan Burck, Thea Uhlich, Christoph Bals, Niklas Höhne, Leonardo Nascimento, Monica Tavares And Elisabeth Strietzel

Published in
Germanwatch, NewClimate Institute, and Climate Action Network



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