cover image: Wrapped in Secrecy: Toxic Chemicals in Menstrual Products


Wrapped in Secrecy: Toxic Chemicals in Menstrual Products

21 Nov 2022

Wrapped in Secrecy: Toxic Chemicals in Menstrual Products was released on November 21, 2022, by Toxics Link, New Delhi – a non-governmental organisation working to bring information related to toxic substances into the public domain. The study examines the presence of chemicals such as phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in sanitary pads sold in India. The report has been written by programme coordinators at Toxics Link – Priti Banthia Mahesh and Dr Amit, with inputs from Dr Aakanksha Mehrotra. The study tested 10 brands of sanitary pads – four organic and six inorganic – sourced from either online websites or from markets in New Delhi. It found that although the amount of chemicals present varied across brands, all sanitary pads surveyed tested positive for both VOCs and phthalates. Even organic products contained high levels of VOCs, challenging the notion that organic pads are safer. The study also highlights the harmful effects of such chemicals on human health. It argues that the current regulatory checks in India are inadequate and lack the strict enforcement necessary to ensure safety...
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Priti Banthia Mahesh, Dr. Amit And Dr. Aakanksha Mehrotra

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Toxics Link, New Delhi



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