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Draft National Education Policy 2019

15 Dec 2018

The Committee for Draft National Education Policy submitted the Draft National Education Policy 2019 to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, government of India, on December 15, 2018. The Committee was formed in June, 2017, with Dr. K. Kasturirangan as chairman (former chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation). The policy is still being finalised.The draft policy consists of four parts. Part I (School Education, chapters 1-8) covers such themes as early childhood care and education, foundational literacy and numeracy, reintegrating dropouts and ensuring universal access to education, curriculum and pedagogy in schools, and equitable and inclusive education. Part II (Higher Education, chapters 9-18) contains chapters such as ‘Quality Universities and Colleges: A New and Forward Looking Vision for India’s Higher Education System’ , ‘Institutional Restructuring and Consolidation’ , and ‘Towards a More Liberal Education’. Part III (Additional Key Focus Areas, chapters 19-22) covers technology in education, vocational education, adult education and the promotion of Indian languages...
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Committee For Draft National Education Policy (Chairman: Dr. K. Kasturirangan)

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Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi



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