Access (In)Equality Index (AEI): Measuring (In)Equality of Access to Basic Opportunities Across India
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Access (In)Equality Index (AEI): Measuring (In)Equality of Access to Basic Opportunities Across India

1 January 2021


This report was published by the Centre for New Economics Studies, O. P. Jindal University, in 2021. It contains the Access (In)Equality Index (AEI), which studies peoples’ access to healthcare, education, socio-economic security, justice, and basic amenities such as drinking water, sanitation, housing and clean energy – across states and union territories in India.‘Access’ has been measured in terms of the affordability of services, geographical proximity, adequacy of the content and quality of services, and the availability or physical access to services. The report presents inequalities spread across region (urban or rural), caste and gender, highlighting the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on these disparities. The AEI ranks states based on a composite index score of 0.23 to 0.67, measuring inequality in access to services. Based on their performance, they are grouped into three categories: ‘Aspirants’ (below 0.33), ‘Achievers’ (0.33-0.42), and ‘Front-runners’ (above 0.42).The 67-page report is divided into seven chapters: Background (chapter 1); (chapter 1); About the Index (chapter 2); Findings from the Index (chapter 3); Equality of Whom? (chapter 4); Impact of Covid (chapter 5); Limitations of the Data and Methodology (chapter 6); Conclusions and Way Forward (chapter 7).

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Centre for New Economics Studies, O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat



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