cover image: Frontiers 2022: Noise, Blazes, and Mismatches – Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern


Frontiers 2022: Noise, Blazes, and Mismatches – Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern

17 Feb 2022

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) published this report on February 17, 2022. This is the fourth instalment of the Frontiers series – begun in the year 2016 by UNEP – which examines “areas of emerging or ongoing environmental concern.” This 59-page report investigates three emerging environmental issues: noise pollution in cities, wildfires and phenological changes (such as migration, egg-laying, hibernation and flowering). Each of these themes has been divided into separate chapters.Chapter 1 titled “Listening to cities: From noisy environments to positive soundscapes” has been written by Dr. Francesco Aletta, Research Associate at the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources, University College London. This chapter studies noise pollution – defined as loud and persistent sounds which are unwanted – as an emerging environmental issue. With a focus on urban areas, the chapter also describes the impact of noise pollution on human health and suggests ways in which to combat these effects.Chapter 2 titled “Wildfires under climate change: A burning issue” has been written by researchers Andrew Dowdy, Luke Purcell, Sarah Boulter from Australia, and researcher Livia Carvalho Moura from Brazil. It investigates the phenomenon of wildfires and their impact on the natural and the man-made world. The chapter discusses the rise in cases of wildfires because of climate change and human activities such as deforestation, change in land-use and incorrect fire management techniques...
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Francesco Aletta, Andrew Dowdy, Luke Purcell, Sarah Boulter, Livia Carvalho Moura And Marcel E. Visser

Published in
United Nations Environment Programme, Kenya

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