The Seed of Race. An Essay on Indian Education
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The Seed of Race. An Essay on Indian Education




MADRAS 1919The Cambridge Press Madras THE SEED OF RACE AN ESSAY ON INDIAN EDUCATION IN the discussions now happily current as regards the nature of and necessity for the preservation of racial culture in India and the nature of the education which should be given towards that end it is necessary to understand quite clearly what is meant by the term Racial Soul. [...] The collective (Samashti) causal body (Karana Deha) is the seed of the totality of the minds and bodies of a Race and the individual (Vyashti) causal body is the seed of the particular member of that Race. [...] And so also the EngliSh language and culture must be taught both on account of their own intrinsic importance and of the fact that the English are the Rulers of this country and one of the foremost if not the foremost power in the world which Power is also a great centre of culture. [...] Knowledge belongs to the world and not to any oie people and the more the Indian people know of the rest of the world 32AN ESSAY ON INDIAN EDUCATION and its thoughts the better for them provided that what is taken in can be assimilated that is adopted without prejudice to the individuality of the Indian organism. [...] If however the Indian people have donnothing which was of value in the past what is the warrant for supposing that they will ever do anything in the future ? Is not the place of those who merely imitate the English not on the seat of equality with the latter but as humble disciples at the feet of their Guru.

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