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Report on the Administration of Cochin 1938-39




The principal produce of the plains is paddy the cultivtion of which forms the occupation of the vast majority of the people. [...] About the latter part of the 17th century the Portuguese influence began to decline on the West Coast and in 1663 when they were defeated and ousted from the town of Cochin by the Dutch the then Raja entered into a fresh treaty with the latter and conceded to them the same privileges as to the Portuguese. [...] The Hindu sages who located the four great pilgrimages dear to the heart of every pious Hindu in the four corners of this vast continenBadrinath in the North Jagannath in the East Cape Comorin"1938-391 GENERAL AND POLITICAL 9 in the South and Dwaraka in the West—had the fullest realistion of the spiritual unity of India in spite of its political divisions. [...] Many of the major items of work like dredging and reclamation the building up of the ships' wharves the erection of electric cranes the building of warehouses and transit sheds and the construction of the combined rail and road bridge between Ernakulam and Venduruthi were practically completed. [...] In his opening speech at the budget session of the Legislative Council at the close of the year the Diwan announced that Goverment had decided to appoint a committee consisting of four non-official members of the Council with the Diwan Peishkar as chairman to examine the working of the Staff Selection Board and the rules made for recruitment.


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