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Government of India. Ministry of Railways (Railway Board). Report of the Calcutta Terminal Facilities Committee 1947




The electrification of the suburban passenger services of the East Indian and Bengal Assam Railways and of certain sections of the Main Line of the East Indian Railway seem to be necessary if the heavy traffic flowing into and out of the great city is to be handled in a more rational and efficient manner. [...] 5. Oral evidence.—Oral evidence of the General Managers of the Railways of the representatives of the Commissioners for the Port of Calcutta and of several Public Bodies was taken on twenty-three days. [...] Appreciation of Port Commissioners' co-operation.— Before we conclude the discussion of our recommendations for the construction of the Circular Railway we would like to record our appreciation of the high public spirit of the Commissioners for the Port of Calcutta in allowing us to recommend the construction of the Circular Railway over their own' line and of the ungrudging help and advice we ha [...] In fact since the completion of the recent Back -Bay Reclamation Scheme and the electrification of the Suburban Railways more residential buildings have been built on the reclaimed area to the west of the railway line than ever existed on the east. [...] Little attention was paid to the needs of those who had to work in Burra Bazar and its neighbourhood or in the busi-28 ness area to the north or west of the city along the ITooghly or in the Kidderpore area down to where the boundary of the city meets Majerhat and connects with the Southern Section of the Bengal Assam Railway.


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