cover image: Epigraphia Indica and Record of the Archaeological Survey of India. 1919-20.



Epigraphia Indica and Record of the Archaeological Survey of India. 1919-20.


932. 76 D.—Of the reign of Somesvara I: Saka 973. 77 E(1).—Of the reign of 12 „ 976. 80 E(2).—Of the reign of.” „ 980 83 F.—Of the reign of „ 981. 85 G.—Of the reign of „ II: „ 991 & 997. 94 H.—Of the reign of „ : „ 996. 96 I.—Of the reign of 29 Vikramaditya VI: Saka 1006. 100 J.—Of the reign of f) : 32 IP 103 K.—Of the reign of fs 11 „ : Year 38 105 L.—Of the reign [...] The numerals one two and three are engraved on the right of the ring-holes of the second side of the first plate the second side of the second plate and the first side of the third plate respectively. [...] The language of the record is Sanskrit with the exception of the portion giving the details of the boundary which is in Kannada. [...] The grant was made on the Paficharni tithi of the bright fortnight of the month Karttika in the year Pfirthiva which corresponded to the gaka year 1388 which is expressed by bhu (1) guria (3) ashta (8) and vases (8) in the presence of the god Virupaksha on the bank of the river Tungabhadra on the occasion of his own coronation. [...] Then the incident of a hare chasing the dogs of Harihara and the founding of the city of Vidyanagara with the assistance of the sage Vidyaranya are mentioned.
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i-vii F.W. Thomas view
No. 1.—Neulpur Grant Of Subhakara: The 8Th Year
1-8 R.D. Banerji view
No. 2.—Srisailam Plates of Virupaksha: Saka-Samvat 1388
8-25 T.A. Rao view
No. 3.—Two Inscriptions from Mutgi
25-39 Lionel Barnett view
No. 4.—Poona Plates of the Vakataka Queen Prabhavati-Gupta : The 13Th Year
39-44 K.B. Pathak, K.N. Dikshit view
No. 5.—Anbil Plates of Sundara-Chola : The 4Th Year
44-72 T.A. Rao view
No. 6.—Inscriptions of Sudi
73-112 Lionel Barnett view
No. 7.—The Five Damodarpur Copper-Plate Inscriptions of the Gupta Period
113-145 Radhagovinda Basak view
No. 8.—The Kalpatti Stone Inscription
145-150 S.V. Venkateswara view
No. 9.—The Bezwada Pillar Inscription of Yuddhamalla
150-159 J. Pantulu view
No. 10.—The Siddhanta-Siromani
159-245 Robert Sewell view
No. 11.—Two Pallava Copper-Plate Grants
246-255 H. Sastri view
No. 12.—Bhavnagar Plates of Dhruvasena I: [Valabhi-]Samvat 210
255-258 V.S. Sukthankar view
No. 13.—Some Unpublished Amaravati Inscriptions
258-275 Ramprasad Chanda view
No. 14.—Dhanantara Plates of Samantavarman
275-278 Tarini Rath view
No. 15.—Barrackpur Grant of Vijayasena: The 32Nd Year
278-286 R.D. Banerji view
No. 16.—Two Copper-Plate Grants from Indore
286-291 Ramesh Mazumdar view
No. 17.—Damoh Hindi Inscription of Mahmud Shah II of Malwa: (Vikrama-) Samvat 1570
291-293 Ramesh Mazumdar view
No. 18.—The Amgachhi Grant of Vigraha-Pala III : The 12Th Year
293-301 R.D. Mazumdar view
No. 19.—Tipperah Copper-Plate Grant of Lokanatha: The 44Th Year
301-315 Radhagovinda Basak view
No. 20.—Madagihal Inscription of Saka 1093 Etc
315-329 Lionel Barnett view
No. 21.—Kulenur Inscription of the Reign of Jayasimha II : Saka 950
329-334 Lionel Barnett view
No. 22.—Sirur Inscription of the Reign of Jayasimha II : Saka 963
334-i Lionel Barnett view
No. 23.—Two Inscriptions from Gawarwad and Annigeri of the Reign of Somesvara II: Saka 993 and 994
337-348 Lionel Barnett view
No. 24.—Gadag Inscription of Vikramaditya VI: The 23Rd Year
348-363 Lionel Barnett view
No. 25.—King Subhakara of Orissa
363-364 Silvain Levi view
No. 26.—A Note on the Bezwada Pillar Inscription of Yuddhamalla
364-366 C.R. Krishnamachari view
No. 27.—A Note on the Bezwada Pillar Inscription of Yuddhamalla
366-368 K.V. Rao view
369-411 K.V. Rao view

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