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The Industrial Organization of an Indian Province




Thus the rate of wages which appears to an American writer the paramount question to the vast majority of the people of civilized lands ' is a"THE INDIAN LABOURER AID WAGES 5 matter of very slight concern to the working class of India.* Dear bread too the apprehension of which causes so much anxiety to a working nipn in Europe is to the small farmers who form the majority of the Indian populat [...] The first was concerned with the ascetainment and record of rights and the second with the valuation of land and the assessment of the revenue demand and the adjustment of rents of tenants:* Under Regulation IX. [...] In the course of the ensuing thirty or forty years the rise in the value of agricultural produce followed by a rise in rents brought home to the officers of the Government the fact that there might be a rise in the value of land due to the progress of society to which the owner of the land had not cotributed ; it is probable also that they were influenced by the growth of economic opinion in [...] The right to private prperty in land is recognised but it is subject to two limitations the.first of which consists in sharing with the Government all increments in the income derived from land and the second consists in the recognition of the semi-proprietary right of the tenant to fixity of tenure: The Indian landlord may well have thought that the distinction between rent and tax was a me [...] Before the establishment of British rule the district was very thinly populated as was shown above from the evidence of an eye-witness in 1794 and in 1807 the collector wrote to the Board of Commissioners that the district was in a very ucultivated condition in consequence of former misrule that frequent revolutions in the Government the rapacity of the public officers and the extortion of


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