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First Report of the United Provinces Labour Enquiry Committee 1946-48




Such representatives shall have all the rights and privileges of the members of the Committee in respect of the inquiry relating to that industry or `Reader in Economics and Sociology officiating as Head and Professor of the Economics Department at the time of the issue of the Government order. [...] (7) (a) To inquire into the growth and working of trade unions the progress made and difficulties experienced by them in building up a sound and healthy trade union movement in the Province the attitude of the employers towards the trade unions' and their employees in particular and the trade union movement generally the extent of recogntion of trade unions by the employers and the condition [...] 5(8) (a) To inquire into the working of the machinery if any statutory or otherwise for the speedy redress of the workers' grievances and for the prevention and settlement of industrial diputes in the Province; and (b) to examine the existing law relating to the prevention and settlement of industrial disputes and to consider the desirability or otherwise of amending or augmenting the said la [...] For the first issue we examined on behalf of the employers the representatives of the Martin Group of the Electric Supply Companies and on behalf of labour the representatives of the U. P. Electric Workers’ Federation Allahabad the U. P. Electric Supply -Workers’ Union Lucknow the Banaras Bijli Ghar Mazdoor Sangh Banaras the Electric Workers’ Union Agra the Electric Workers’ Union Allaha [...] One of the reasons was the delain the submission of the report for which hoWever the very comprehensive terms of reference given to us the delicate nature of the negotiations with the parties concerned the-late submission of the memranda particularly on the employers’ side and also our desire to go.


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