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Annual Report on the Punjab Veterinary College Civil Veterinary Department Punjab and the Cattle Farm Hissar For the year 1924-25




5. Colonel Walker's appreciation of the work of the College Staff and of the good behaviour and keenness of the students is noted. [...] The figures in regard to castrations are very remarkable and are as obsered by the Director of Agriculture of special importance as they show the great awakening of the peasants to the necessity of improving the breed of their cattle and of the value of castrations as a means to this end. [...] The report on the Farm is a record of untiring and keenly interested work on the part of the whole staff which is of very great value :►oth to the Veterinary and the Agricultural Departments. [...] The total income expenditure and net cost (excluding cost of buildings) of the veterinary institute (College and Hospital) for the year under report and for the previous year are shown below :— From the above it will he seen that the income of the institution in the year under report is greater by Its. [...] Since the Veterinary year closed Government sanction has been given to the filling.oV the 13 posts (7 Veterinary Assistant-Surgeons and 6 Veterinary Assistants) necessary for the opening of the 12 Veterinary Hospitals referred to in the report of the Chief Superintendent and Government has allotted Rs.


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