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Government of Bengal Legislative Department. A Collection of Bengal Acts Regulations and Ordinances for the Year 1944




(2) Short titles of Regulations made by the Governor of Bengal under section 92(2) of the Government of India Act 1935. [...] *Tins amendment will have effect until the expiry of a period of six months after the termination of hostilities in being at the commencement of Ordinance XXXI of 1944. [...] 6. A licence granted under section 5 may be suspended or cancelled by the authority which granted it— (a) if there is any contravention of any of the provisions of this Act or any breach of the conditions subject to which the licence was granted or (b) if the institution in respect of which the licence was granted has ceased to fulfil the conditions specified in clauses (a) to (c) of sub-section [...] clause (b) is carried on : Provided that the building is on or in the immediate vicinity of the hi nd and is a building which the receiver of the rent or revenue or the cultvator or the receiver of the rent-in-kind by reason of his connection with the land requires as dwelling house or as a store house or other out-building ; Short title extent and commencement."2 The Bengal Agricultural In [...] 3 of 1944.] (Section 2.) Act 1922 under the head Business" and the business concerned has been newly set up in the financial year preceding the year for which the assessment is to be made the period from the date of the setting up of such business to the 31st day of March next folloing or to the last day of the period determined under sub-clause (b) or if the accounts of the assessee ar



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