cover image: Final Report on the Survey and Settlement Operation in the Saraikella State. District Singbhum



Final Report on the Survey and Settlement Operation in the Saraikella State. District Singbhum


2. At the end of clause 19 (4) of the Record-of-Rights the following shall be inserted in a separate para Provided that in the case of the villages under the Pirpatidars of Dugni and Banksahi and the Maintenance-holder of Ioha the said Tenure-holder ; shall appoint a Thikadar and intimate the name of the person so appointed in each case for the Darbar's approval it being understood that such app [...] 5. (3) In the case of private sale of a raiyati holding or any aortion thereof the other conditions being the same the right to pur chase it shall remain with the relatives of the raiyat concerned then with the raiyats of the village and then with any raiyat of the State. [...] (The burden of proving that the fish have been so stocked or reared in the said tank or Bandh shall be on the person who makes the claim.) 4. A raiyat has the right to use the water of any stream tank or Bandh in hi village entered in the name of the State of any tenure-holder for the purp se of irrigation with the permission of the village Panchayat (if any) concerned or the Headman (if any) [...] If the HeaMan is ejected in the aforesaid Way the new badman will be appointed by the Ruling Chief not necessarily from the nearest heirs of the ejected Headman but the Ruling Chief Will be at liberty to appoint any person from among the raiyats of the said village or failing this from among the raiyats of the other villages of the State: (4) In the ease of the villages under tenure-holders t [...] The second son of the Chief is called the Potait " daring the life time of the Chief and the other younger sons are styled " Kumars ". It is thta eustot that the Potait and the Kumars are entitled to get maintenace grants from the Chief..
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