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Prospectus for the Year 1940-41




The general organization of the Halls is the The Provost is the head of the administration and is responsible for the residence food and general discipline of the students residing in the Hall. [...] The infusion of the spirit of research among the students is one of the immediate ideals of the present development of the Science Block. [...] Besides this by attaching more importance to the teaching of fundamentals of the subject in the lower Classes of the University the student is on the one hand saved from the excessive cramming which is usually found in Indian Universities and on the other obtains a clear prespective of the position and importance of Science in modern life The active -operation of these two influences coupled w [...] These Scholarships will be awarded by the Academic Council on the recommendation of a Committee consisting of the Chairmen of the Departments of Physics Chemistry Zology Botany Mathematics and Geography after a Competitive Examination to be held within six weeks of the commencement of the session on dates to be fixed by the ProViceChancellor. [...] 25 to the best First Class Honours Graduate of the year the Scholarship to be awarded by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the Chairmen of the Departments concerned; failing such a candidate a Scholarship of Rs.



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